Solace Apartments

Organization and community: Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership (Southwest region, MN)

Solace Apartments is a project prompted by the Nicollet County Court and Social Services to address concerns about the cycle of recidivism occurring among individuals who are exiting the drug court system. This 30-unit, multifamily housing and services complex is addressing two of the largest barriers that they face: difficulty finding and maintaining safe housing and access to services when one has limited financial means. They offer comprehensive services such as individual, family, and chemical dependency counseling, and supportive services including: social, relationship, independent living, and crisis management skills to reestablish stability. Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership decided to create an artist-in-residence position specifically for the Solace Apartments to help identify and create new opportunities for the residents to come together and access services in new ways.

This is a new venture for the Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership and local service providers, and artists are helping to identify ways for Solace Apartments to become a center for healing and culture for residents and the broader community. Artists are working with program partners prior to the residents’ arrival to design the program and guidelines that will define how Solace Apartments functions.