Jackson Medical Mall Foundation Intergenerational Programs

Organization and community: Jackson Medical Mall Foundation (Jackson, Mississippi)

At the beginning of their participation in the Community Development Investments program, the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation (JMMF) used cultural asset mapping techniques to better understand the arts landscape in their district, and clarify their potential role to further serve communities near the mall. In the first year, they contracted with the Mississippi Urban Research Center, which conducted surveys and focus groups with local residents and performed geographic information system mapping of cultural activities within 15 miles of the mall. Key findings from the study informed JMMF that local residents desired more events that promote health and wellness and out-of-school opportunities for youth. This insight helped to shape their major programming and festivals, like teaching artist-led summer camps and health and wellness fairs, which connected arts and culture to the provision of health services.

Sing Jackson

A youth choir program directed by Hugh Davis that was established by the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation and performs at events and programs hosted by JMMF year-round.

Connectivity through Cloth Quilting Program

This program was a 10-week, multigenerational training workshop where participants learned the craft of quiltmaking, small business development techniques, and marketing. JMMF provided space for creating, displaying and selling the quilts.

Jumpstart: The Back-to-School Jam

Jumpstart was a one-day, back–to-school event held every July in 2016, 2017, and 2018. The event attracted thousands of attendees each year for a youth talent show, free school supplies giveaways, games, visual arts, and screenings and healthcare referrals.

Youth Summer Camp programs

This series of summer camp programs was designed to empower youth through creativity and innovation. The camps included: a spoken word camp to support youth affected by bullying, a robotics camp that combined STEM instruction and the arts, and a performing arts camp that included instruction on healthy lifestyles.

Senior Appreciation Day

Hundreds of local seniors attended this event, which included: fitness, dancing, free health screenings, and opportunities for seniors to purchase and sell arts, crafts, and baked goods.